About Sun Sail Catamarans

Sun Sail 

is based in Namibia’s beautiful coastal town - Walvis Bay, derived from Dutch “Walvisch Baye” or English “Whale Bay”. It is the meeting place of extreme landscapes - on the one side the Namib desert, the most ancient desert in the world, and on the other side a massive lagoon & harbor flowing from the Atlantic Ocean.


Taking advantage  of this unique geography, Sun Sail proudly brings the “best of both worlds” to our guests from all corners of the globe.

We specialize in Marine Cruises which take our guests up close to our tame seals, leaping dolphins and seasonal whales; and our Desert Adventure tours offer a breathtaking experience with the oldest and some of the highest sand dunes in the world.

Safety First

Our vessels and vehicles comply with strict safety & licensing regulations. Annual surveys and regular maintenances done to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Our Vessels & Vehicles

We operate 3 sailing catamarans. A catamaran is a double-hulled vessel offering more stability than a mono-hulled vessel or a speedboat. Weather permitting, we set our sails up and we “go with the wind”. We leave minimum carbon footprint, preserving our nature while enjoying it.

All our vehicles are 4x4 all-terrain vehicles, they are “sand-lovers”.

Our Crew & Staff

Our crew, guides and staff are well-trained and passionate professionals, they are friendly, experienced, multi-lingual and most importantly, enthusiastic!

Proudly Namibian

Namibia is known for many wonderful things: abundant wildlife, majestic landscapes, massive sand dunes, tranquil open spaces, diversified culture... Over the decades, we have had absolute pleasure in entertaining our guests, often they share their Namibian experience with us, how they love our beautiful country, our friendly people, our excellent services delivered… Sun Sail is very proud to be part of making an unforgettable Namibian experience for every one of them!